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Watching patterns of grain pricing

December 2022

Have grain prices reached a new trading range, or will they come down? continue reading…

Financial markets will recover, but when?

November 2022

Assets are cheap now, but may get cheaper before they recover, continue reading…continue reading

Grain Marketing in Our Current Environment – Part 3

October 2022

Are you curious how things are shaping up in the grain markets in 2022 and next year's 2023 crop marketing?

With many crops already in the bin, producers will not want to miss this timely conversation about marketing your grain.....continue reading

The grain-fertilizer balancing act

October 2022

There’s a strong correlation between grain and fertilizer prices... continue reading

Dealing with a murky financial future

August 2022

Forget ripples; the rocks thrown into the financial pond so far have made big waves… continue reading

No market is an island

July 2022

‘Interconnected dominoes’ mean factors react with and off each other… continue reading

Grain Marketing in Our Current Environment - Part 2

June 2022

Are you excited yet uncertain about marketing your grain in 2022? Are you looking for some insights? If so, you are not alone in this.

The perils of the crystal ball

June 2022

The quagmire of uncontrolled variables puts any prediction, even expert ones, on shaky ground...  continue reading

How widespread will interest rate fallout be?

May 2022

Looking at economic history, the effects aren’t always dramatic...  continue reading

The big numbers of the Ukraine war

April 2022

Both players are major resource providers that will cast a long shadow on economies... continue reading

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