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Expect the unexpected in markets

June 2020

When the unexpected hits, price variation can exceed the expected very quickly...continue reading

Volatile times need a market strategy

May 2020

Think of these tools as an insurance policy where you pay a fee to avoid risks... continue reading

Ratio offers a deeper dive in to supply and demand interrelationships

March 2020

The stocks-to-use ratio is an important but not perfect market metric... continue reading

The view from GrainWorld

January 2020

Most presenters said there are a lot of balls in the air right now, and nobody knows where they will fall... continue reading

Watch the weather

January 2020

Rain makes grain, and it’s one of the most volatile variables for Prairie farms… continue reading

Currency volatility important to remember

December 2019

We’re currently at the low end of the historic range for the loonie’s value against the greenback... continue reading

What history tells us about interest rate volatility

November 2019

Periods of super-low rates have occurred before—but that doesn’t mean things can’t change in a hurry… continue reading

The gross margin ratio can help you boost the bottom line

October 2019

Use this simple but powerful tool to see how you’re really doing on your farm… continue reading

5 ways to up your marketing

Country Guide September 2019

Practical tips from across Canada to take your grain marketing to the next level… continue reading

Take a step back and think about how you sell your production

September 2019

How good are you at marketing? Here’s a checklist to help you evaluate that...continue reading 

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