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The export price of canola is worth tracking

April 2018

A lot of different factors beyond futures prices determine what you will be paid for your crop... continue reading​

Hard red spring wheat: A case study in hedging

March 2018

Pricing opportunities can be fast moving and fleeting, so understand the tools at your disposal ahead of time...  continue reading​

Stay the course or play the market? A growing dilemma

March 2018

Should they play to the markets with their seeding decisions or stick with their agronomic plans?... continue reading​

What risks are looming on the horizon for your farm?

February 2018

Interest rate hikes, fuel costs, market swings, and even the stock market are all things to watch this year... continue reading

Where are canola prices going?

January 2018

To answer that question you’ll need a good handle of factors around the world affecting the oilseed complex... continue reading

Increase farm cash flow with covered calls

November 2017

This stocks and bonds strategy can fit the world of agriculture commodities too... continue reading

Is a strong loonie a bad thing for Canadian farmers?

October 2017

There’s no doubt our currency’s fluctuation has effects, but they’re not always well understood... continue reading

Soybean market bearish, and that’s no bull

September 2017 

When it comes to high-risk activities, predicting the market is up there with skydiving... continue reading 

Growers need to hone marketing skills to get best price

September 2017 

Farmers have eased into the post-Canadian Wheat Board world far more easily than some warned and others feared... continue reading 

Making sense of the squiggly lines

September 2017

Technical analysis can help give you a clearer picture of commodity markets… continue reading​

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