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Worried about federal tax changes? There’s an alternative, say experts

September 2017

Federal Liberal bid to close ‘loopholes’ will increase taxes on most farm corporations, but there’s a way to avoid that hit... continue reading

Basis: The theory of (price) relativity

August 2017

Truly understanding how the basis works can help you with your marketing plan....continue reading

Bloomberg TV Canada

August 2017

PI Financial Portfolio Manager David Derwin discusses wheat's struggles, and what it means for farmers' futures....continue watching (begins at 3:57 minutes)

Staying ahead of the curve

July 2017

Watching yield curves of various types can reveal a lot about where markets are headed. ...continue reading

The art & science of farm marketing

June 2017

There are no pat or easy answers for marketing commodities as each commodity is different. ...continue reading

Separating your commodity and currency decisions

April 2017

Currency fluctuations can be almost as significant as changing prices for your farm products. ...continue reading

Take this marketing test

March 2017

To make sure you’re making smart marketing decisions, you need to honestly answer a few questions...continue reading

Risk Management: Farmers Could Learn From Insurance Companies

February 2017

Insurance and farming couldn’t be more different, you might think. ...continue reading

Farming Big Data: Myths, Misperceptions & Opportunities in Agriculture Commodity Hedging

January 2017

Part 1: We're awash in market information and using modern approaches can help manage &understand it all ...continue reading 
Part 2: Trend-watching can tell us a lot about markets, but won't necessarily mean better results...continue reading 
Part 3: Option-based strategies can help get more out of a chaotic market filled with randomness & unpredictability ...continue reading​


Top three marketing resolutions for 2017

January 2017


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