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Farmland has been a solid investment

June 2021

Between rental values and appreciation, it can easily equal or beat other options.....continue reading

What we know and what we don’t

April 2021

Perfect information isn’t possible, which is why having a plan is so importantcontinue reading

When to keep your crop in the bin

March 2021

Storage can be your friend when marketing grain — but only sometimes… continue reading

Canola looks pretty profitable, but so do a lot of other crops

April 2021

Examining Manitoba's break-even yield risk ratio… continue reading

Commodity markets simmering down

February 2021

It looks like a much calmer ride could be in store for markets this year... continue reading 

As the calendar turns

January 2021

2020 illustrated volatility in stunning fashion for market watchers... continue reading 

One of the basics of grain marketing

October 2020

This measure of local demand for grain in the handling system can help your marketing plans... continue reading 

Take a wide view to understand canola pricing

October 2020

Canada is a big canola producer but it’s the wider world oilseed market that bears watching... continue reading 

Taking a new view of grain markets

September 2020

Don’t get caught looking at any issue from just one perspective... continue reading 

Technical analysis can make up for scant information

July 2020

Looking to effect, rather than cause, can help inform your marketing decisions... continue reading 

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