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The Party's Over

December 2007/January 2008

We all know positions are not always marked-to-market, hedge books are not always hedged, proprietary black models don't always work, a AAA-rating is not really a AAA-rating, discount bids occur, greed overpowers fear, markets are not always efficient, and not all derivatives are benign...continue reading

High Flight

June/July, 2006

We initially forecast the strength in the C$ more than five years ago, when the loonie was still drowning near 65 cents...continue reading | see chart

The Ultimate Portfolio Diversification Revisited

August/September 2005

We continue to believe commodities are at the beginning of a very large, long-term move higher and still recommend allocating at least 20% of a portfolio to commodity-based investments...continue reading |

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  • Gold Prices Heading for a Motherload?

    November 28, 2003

    David Derwin said during a recent interview he wouldn't be surprised to see it soar to $1000 US an ounce during the next two to three years...continue reading |

    You Don't Need a PhD to Manage Risk

    December 2001/ January 2002

    If the S&P 500 continues to mirror the Nikkei 225, the S&P 500 could drop in value by 50%. And considering the high correlation between Canada and the TSE 300 Index would likely drop as well...continue reading

    Keep Your Eye on Interest Rates

    February/March 2001

    Consider how a 75-cent dollar, a 72 cent or even a 70-cent dollar would affect a company that exports the majority of its finished need to be confident that you know what to do and that the system you have in place can address a prolonged rise in the Canadian dollar...continue reading | see chart

    The Ultimate Portfolio Insurance

    April/May 2002 

    Gold and gold shares prices are historically cheap. Given gold's long-term stability, diversification characteristics and return benefits, gold assets are a necessary component in an investment portfolio...continue reading

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