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No market is an island

July 2022

‘Interconnected dominoes’ mean factors react with and off each other… continue reading

Grain Marketing in Our Current Environment - Part 2

June 2022

Are you excited yet uncertain about marketing your grain in 2022? Are you looking for some insights? If so, you are not alone in this.

The perils of the crystal ball

June 2022

The quagmire of uncontrolled variables puts any prediction, even expert ones, on shaky ground...  continue reading

How widespread will interest rate fallout be?

May 2022

Looking at economic history, the effects aren’t always dramatic...  continue reading

The big numbers of the Ukraine war

April 2022

Both players are major resource providers that will cast a long shadow on economies... continue reading

Grain Marketing in Our Current Environment

March 2022

Tracy Brunet of Impact Farming talks with David Derwin about “Grain Marketing in Our Current Environment” so that farmers can take advantage of the prices without exposing themselves to too much risk.

How high could interest rates go?

March 2022

The consensus is they’re set to rise but many could be underestimating how much.....continue reading

Your grain marketing multi tool

February 2022

Using options can help you accomplish many marketing goals with less risk.....continue reading

How to market grain in our current environment

January 2022

A conversation from the Between The Rows podcast can give you some insight… continue reading

Global factors key in changing ag landscape

December 2021

China, Russia, biofuel trends among factors likely to affect future market risks… continue reading
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