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Hard Times for Farmers Hits Potash Demand

August 2016

David Derwin, Commodities Portfolio Manager of PI Financial joins Bloomberg TV Canada’s Pamela Ritchie to discuss demand for potash as Potash Corp and Agrium are in merger talks...continue watching

David Derwin with PI Financial says many farmers do not take advantage of marketing options to protect their revenue

June 2016

He says the most common used tools are production contracts and basis contracts...continue listening

Expert says too many farmers working without a net

February 2016

Fewer than one in 10 producers use options to set a floor price for their grain - “If you don’t have options in place, your tool box is not quite complete,” said David Derwin, an investment adviser with PI Financial...continue reading

Don't Let Boredom Spark Urge to Sell

Nov 26, 2015 

Today's weak crop prices make for a boring market with little incentive to sell, but farmers can still take steps to be ready when stronger prices reutn, say marketing professionals...continue reading

Farmers should increase focus on long-term goal

September 17, 2015

Many farms are multi-million dollar businesses, but aren’t acting like it. It’s a situation that can occur when a business, especially a farm, grows based on its success, but the operators don’t realize that it has become a complex operation ...continue reading

Farm consultants explore network services

September 10, 2015

Tax, risk management, farm management and real estate specialists meet to talk about the fragmented advisory industry ...continue reading

Cover Your Assets

March 25, 2015

The Manitoba Canola Growers in partnership with PI Financial Corp, CME Group and FarmLInk Marketing Solutions cover marketing strategies including hedging, futures, options....continue reading

Sask Ag Grain Marketing Webinar

March 4, 2015

David presented for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Grain Market Agriwebinars. Taking the Bull by the Horns - Using Futures & Options to Manage Risk  ...continue reading

Wild Oats Grainworld 2013 - CBOT Grain Marketing Workshop

  • Manage your risks before they manage you ©
  • Research: Fundamental, Technical, Volatility, Seasonal 
  • Larry Rigaux, President Phoenix Agritec Inc.
  • Practical Option Hedging Examples ...continue reading

Expert advises hedging 2014 crop to protect against lower trend

Oct 31, 2013

Farmers who are having trouble moving crops this fall might not want to worry about hedging it right away.
However, a brokerage firm is urging its clients to protect some 2014-15 prices now. “Start considering it. That’s the point of disciplined, consistent risk management,” said David Derwin, a senior marketing adviser with P.I. Financial in Winnipeg.
  ...continue reading

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